"Sit back, relax and enjoy this crazy ride!"

Crazy genius is the only way to describe this absolute nut job of a movie. It's actually quite difficult to explain - like a movie within a movie if that makes any sense. It's also got one of the best intros to a movie that I have ever seen, and one of the most stellar casts I can remember!

The film centres around three of the biggest actors of their generation (played by Black, Stiller and Downey Jr), as they are filming the greatest Vietnam war film ever told. When the film goes wrong, they find themselves in a real life battle in Vietnam, and become unwitting heroes as they form a real life band of brothers deep in the jungle.

I can't describe quite how insane this film is. When you look at the assembled cast you just don't consider that they're going to be willing to be so absolutely stupid! They are all so willing to take the piss out of themselves that the film is able to achieve a completely different level of comedy - not only are you laughing at the gags, but you are laughing at the fact that some of the biggest stars in Hollywood (keep a special look out for a gangsta Tom Cruise) are more than willing to look like complete idiots.

I suppose the best way to put this film would be to describe it as an intelligent spoof. Except it's not really a spoof. So perhaps satire would be more appropriate. Whilst I fear this may give the film a disservice, imagine it as a much more intelligent version of Scary Movie, but with Vietnam films as the target - equally insane, but much more amusing and with an infinitely better cast.