"A not so fun travel to the outback about not only finding family but yourself....In a village full of crazy cannibals."

Norman (Jordan Waller) owns a polish butchers, when his 'mother' dies he finds out that the woman who raised him wasn't his real mother and that she is from a small town in Australia called Two Heads Creek. So, Jordan and his sister Annabelle (Katlyn Wilder) embark on a journey to Australia to find their mother and seek answers. 

When they arrive in Two Head Creek, they are welcomed by the townspeople who all seem a little creepy (pretty much like all small towns I guess) but of course that's perfectly normal and I'm sure they're not hiding anything potentially sinister for any outsiders who are just visiting. 

But this is a horror movie so OBVIOUSLY there's gonna be something fishy going on so the brother/sister duo go to all lengths to figure out the secrets of Two Heads Creek whilst searching for their mother which leads to a high body count and a bloody good time (I mean that literally by the way) in search of family and closure.  

A fun Aussie comedy that is a slow burn but does make an effort at making up for it with its laughs. Very heavy on its political message about immigration alongside an action-packed climax of gore from director Jesse O'Brien, makes for a very fun ride. 

Katlyn Wilder & Jordan Waller play a very convincing brother and sister and have good chemistry throughout, with this being a film about family and not judging others because of where they come from, it wouldn't work without these great leads. Although I wasn't blown away by this movie, I have to admit that it has some damn funny lines and moments plus it's the Aussie's and they are notorious for making great comedy.