Date of Birth : Jun 25th 1903

She trained as an actress at the American Laboratory Theater, then did some work in stock. In 1931 she debuted on Broadway; during the ‘0s she appeared in one film, the screen version of a play in which she had appeared, Double Door (1934). In 1940 she moved to Hollywood and for a decade she appeared as a character actress in many major films; she was nominated three times for Oscars, and won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in National Velvet (1945). In 1951 she fell victim to the McCarthy-Era witch trials; accused of being a Communist, she plead the Fifth and was blacklisted. She went years without work, then returned to Broadway in 1958 and won a Tony for her work in Toys in the Attic in 1960; she did more stage work and had regular roles on two TV soap operas. In the ’70s she returned to the screen in three films. She was married to stage director Samuel Roser. ~ All Movie Guide




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