Date of Birth : Dec 2nd 1981

Britney Spears wants to try it all! Like many other music stars who have tried their hand at acting Britney has made the crossover from pop sensation to actress in her movie Crossroads.

Music stars who crossover are often criticized for their lack of acting skills. It can be a blow to one’s self esteem when that happens. Britney’s singing idol Madonna has often been ridiculed for her performances in movies such as Whose That Girl and Shanghai Surprise. Still she strives to prove that she is capable of better.

Britney went over many scripts before deciding what movie she would make her acting debut in. She didn’t want to star in a beach party type of movie where everything is just fluff. She wanted to be part of something that was meaningful. So she opted to collaborate with a writer and take part in the creating of the script.

She came up with the concept of a best friend movie that showed the struggles of the teenage experience. Teen pregnancy, divorce, and rape were some important issues in the movie that Britney felt a strong urge to address.


Glee (TV) ( 2009 )

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Crossroads ( 2002 )

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