Date of Birth : Oct 3rd 1984

He started out at four years old, modeling and doing commercials. Back then, he and his family lived in Texas.

Chris has said that he didn’t really see acting as a career choice when he was young. It was more like sports—just something to have fun with and enjoy doing. His parents supported him all the way. In an interview he once said that he’d have to take his parents’ word that he always wanted to be an actor. “I started acting when I was four. I went with a friend who was auditioning and I came home ranting and raving about it. So my mom put me in acting and I liked it. My first job was a J.C. Penney ad.” He was cast in the children’s series Barney but was let go shortly thereafter because he was thought to be too shy.

When Chris was eight years old, his family moved to New Jersey and he began working in theatre, appearing on Broadway in the play An Inspector Calls, and also playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. While in New York, he appeared on Saturday Night Live a few times. In 1996 he made his big screen debut in the movie Sweet Nothing, which also featured his younger brother Sean.

In 1999, Chris turned in an amazing performance as Miles Caraday in the feature film The Tic Code. His dedication to portraying a boy with Tourette’s Syndrome who is also a piano prodigy was stunning for a fourteen-year-old actor. He developed the character by meeting and studying people and children with Tourette’s. And for the piano playing, he admits, “I only learned a couple of songs. Otherwise I didn’t really learn how to play the piano. The character is a prodigy whose skill is beyond what I could learn in a month.” But he did a magnificent job of faking it. His brilliant performance alongside Polly Draper and Gregory Hines won him the Giffoni Children’s Film Festival prize for Best Actor in Italy, deservedly so. Chris himself said he was very proud of this role and this movie, and he hopes to have the chance to return to making these kinds of emotionally impactful, dramatic films in the future.

In terms of TV shows, Chris has done his fair share of guest appearances on shows such as Beverly Hills 90201, ER, Touched By An Angel (twice in different roles) and Judging Amy. He did a year on the soap Another World and he had recurring roles in Aliens In The Family and Pasadena.

He essayed the long-running part of Marc Delgado on the popular Lifetime series, Strong Medicine. He started out on the show in 2000 at the age of 16 (playing 13), and anyone who followed the series over its six seasons watched him grow from a precocious brat into a fine young man by the time the show ended in 2005.

More roles on the silver screen followed. In 2003, he played nerdy Charlie Linderman in the horror flick Freddy vs. Jason, and in 2004 he stole the show as porn-obsessed Eli Brooks in the comedy The Girl Next Door.

Chris landed his breakout role, playing Adam Rove in the TV show Joan of Arcadia in 2003. He played the shy and soft-spoken young artist and love interest of the show’s main character Joan Girardi in every episode except the pilot. Over the show’s two seasons, he touched many hearts with his off-beat charm and sensitivity. Chris has said that playing Adam Rove was something he did not only think of as a mere job: “That was one of the shows I was more involved in in my heart than anything else.”


The Rite ( 2011 )

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Fanboys ( 2009 )

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