Date of Birth : Dec 18th 1971

Born in Rome, her parents, young employees, had liberal ideas. In 1986, she won a competition and started to participate in screen tests and castings. Then her first experience on the “set”: the publicity for “Baci” Perugina, Piaggio, and the first cinema roles “Ciao ma'” of Giandomenico Curi and “Roba da ricchi” of Sergio Corbucci. In 1994 her first theatrical experience, “Angelo e Beatrice” of Francesco Apolloni. “Viaggi di nozze” with Carlo Verdone in 1995 has had the best box office turnover for the last ten years, and drew her the attention of media, critics and public, thanks to the successful role of Jessica. Together with Carlo Verdone they decided to make another film “Sono pazzo di Iris Blond” where she finally managed to sing. In 1997 she acted in “Fuochi d’artificio” with the “Italian Phenomena” Leonardo Pieraccioni. After long trips in the USA. she came back to continue her Italian career and in 1998 she made 4 films: Sotto la luna of Franco Bernini, Commedia (in English language) together with J. Pryce, Lucignolo of M. Ceccherini and La Vespa e la Regina.


Labyrinth ( 2013 )

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Tulpa ( 2012 )

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