Date of Birth : Feb 20th 1967

Herman was one of nine original cast members of MADtv when the series debuted in 1995. Unlike the other original repertory and featured players, he was one of the few cast members who came to the show with an established acting career. Herman’s MADtv characters included Mike Lawson (Incredible Findings), Kenny Kingston (The Kenny Kingston Show), Generation X anchorman Marsh (X News), and concerned father Joel Linder. Former cast-mate Artie Lange referred to Herman as “a brilliant, talented actor” and called him “one of my best friends in show business.” In his memoir, Too Fat To Fish, Lange recounts Herman’s rescuing him from a suicide attempt and driving him to the hospital where he would be resuscitated.

Herman lampooned celebrities and famous figures such as Tom Hanks, Woody Allen, Joel Schumacher, Regis Philbin, Alex Trebek, Brent Spiner, Pauly Shore, Bill Clinton, Patrick Stewart, Larry King, John Ritter, Bob Dole, Larry Flynt, David Duchovny, and Nicholas Cage.

Although he is primarily a television actor, Herman has appeared in several films including Dude, Where’s My Car? and Fun with Dick and Jane. Herman had a prominent role in the 1999 comedy Office Space, where he played a gangsta rap-loving nerd unfortunately named Michael Bolton who must endure questions about his relationship to the famous singer. In 2006, he appeared in the Mike Judge film Idiocracy.




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