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Kate Bosworth: 21 junket

01 September 2008

How are you doing?
I went out last night with the group, so it’s a bit of a struggle right now! (Laughs) And I lost money!

How much did you lose?
I think I lost about $300. I didn’t go crazy, but last night, I don’t know. I think I was just excited about being back in Vegas. We all became so close on the film that it was like a reunion. It was fun.

Did you play Blackjack?
Yeah. I don’t know how to play anything else. I don’t understand any of the other games. I don’t understand Craps. I sort of stand there and roll the dice and try to be lucky. I try to be Lady Luck. I would never bet major money, it’s just silly. That’s just asking for trouble! (Laughs) Jim (Sturgess) said to me last night: “It’s all or nothing with you Kate.” I would bet a $25 chip and then I would randomly put everything on a bet.

You’re a big fashion icon. What have you bought for this summer?
I’ve been shooting a western, so I’ve been wearing a very distressed and dirty chaps and a cowboy hat. I was not looking fashionable. My favorite designers are Vera Wang for casual and I like Balenciaga.

Do you go shopping a lot?

I hate shopping to be honest. I like clothes and I like fashion, but I hate shopping. It’s so annoying. I hate it. I don’t like the crowds. It’s just annoying. The whole thing is annoying, but I do it. I don’t like malls, it’s just chaotic. I’m not one of those girls who loves shopping. But I do it.

Are you a quick shopper then?
Yes very. I will walk in. See what I want and I’ll leave as quickly as possible.

Did you like dressing up in the movie, you wear gorgeous costumes?
Yeah, that was fun. I grew up in Boston so I knew what a Boston student looks like. It has to be a sweatshirt, hoodie, jeans, New Balance sneakers, that’s their uniform. You just roll out of bed and throw on whatever is on the floor.

Who was your favourite character to play in the film?
I liked the Louise Brooks look with the black bob, because my hair would never hold that color. It was fun to dress up.

Are the kind of person who likes to come to Vegas and party?
I’m so not that person! I feel bad saying that. We went out last night, but I’m with such a good group of friends and we shot here and it was exciting. It was fun to be back, but I can’t do it longer than two nights. We lived here for six weeks and people who loved Vegas were like hitting their heads against the wall. The noise of the machines (makes slot machine noises)…..Shut up!! You start feeling like a mental patient.

So you could never live here then?
No, I don’t think so. Although there are really interesting characters in Vegas. I love people watching. That’s my favorite thing. I have my dog here and she’s this really big dog, like she’s not an accessory and I wanted to take her for a walk. But I realized I’m in one big parking lot, where do I take her? There’s nothing. I miss lawn. I miss trees.  The dog park which is like the sand lot was full of real Vegas people drinking beers.

So how would you describe yourself? Are you a regular kind of girl who likes the park and the dog?
I really am more of a homebody. I like going out to dinners with friends and once in a while, I’ll have a big night out, but it’s pretty rare. Clubs give me anxiety. Jim (Sturgess) was saying the same thing, because last night we went to the Palms. We had drinks at the restaurant there and then we went to the Playboy casino, which I actually really liked. They are all dressed up as Playboy bunnies. It was like a throw back to the old Vegas, I enjoyed it.  But then there’s this whole like club with a dance floor. It was just too much. We walked out straight away. We just went downstairs and gambled.

What about the strip clubs?
I actually like the strip clubs. That’s me. I’m a weirdo. I think I’m more fascinated by it. Especially good strip clubs like the ones here. The women move amazingly.

What’s glamorous to you?
I guess like going to the Met Ball. The Met Ball in New York is pretty glamorous, they announce you with trumpets.

Do you like to dress up or are you a jeans and t shirt person?
No, definitely casual. I like dressing up. I love clothes and I love fashion. I think its fun to create different identities depending on what your mood is. But if I could wear my pajamas all day, I would.

If you were not acting, what would you like to be doing?
I’d like to study psychology. I guess it goes hand in hand with acting in a sense anyway. Studying the mind. I also like to write but I don’t know about deadlines, that freaks me out.

What do you like to write? A screenplay?
Maybe. I’ve optioned a book called Lost Girls and Love Hotels (by Catherine Hanrahan), which is the next project I’m working on. I’m producing it. I’ve hired Nadia Conners, who is one of my dear friends. She worked with Leonardo Di Caprio on The 11th Hour. She’s writing it, but we’re writing it together. My favorite subject in school was creative writing, so I feel like I’m coming back to that a little bit. I really do enjoy it.

How do you combine all this writing, producing and acting together?
I’m just starting. This is the first project I’m putting together. I’m loving it. It’s so frustrating to read scripts where the female part is one or two dimensional.  It’s boring. So be able to take control of that and create something that is interesting and complicated and thought provoking, it’s exciting.

Would you like to produce in the future?
I hope so, I enjoy it. I like putting people together too. I think I have a knack for match making in a way. I know who would be good to handle certain occupations. I think I’m just a total control freak.  (Laughs)

Is there any Hollywood pressure to be a size zero? It seems like most actresses go through it.
I have more of a pressure to be a size bigger. I feel like I get sh*t on all the time for being too small. To be quite honest with you, it’s so weird, I feel like – you know, you’re too tall, you’re too short, you’re too curvy, you’re too skinny, you’re too this, you’re too that and it’s like: ‘Come on!’

But that’s tabloid pressure, that’s not studio pressure. Do you ever feel studio pressure?
I don’t ever feel any studio pressure. I think the tabloid pressure is just insane.

Does it affect you personally?
I went through a really tough time about a year and a half ago. They all made it into this whole eating disorder thing and it had nothing to do with that. It was just that I was going through some seriously emotional problems. It was a really emotional time in my life. People don’t know but I had a family member, who we found out had a terminal illness and he just passed, so it was like all these things were colliding. What happens to me, is its just emotional stress and that’s how it affects my body. So, yeah, that was frustrating. I just thought, this is such bullsh*t.  And you want to say something, but then I just thought, if I say something than it fuels it, so I’m just going to ignore it. Because you know and your family know.

You look fantastic. What’s your workout regime?
I’ve been doing a lot of sword fighting because of this last film I did, there was a lot of sword fighting and knife throwing. That was really fun. I think I may take up something.

What are three things you can’t live without?
A good book, my dog and….

What are you reading?
I just finished Mr. Pip actually. My friend from New Zealand gave it to me. That was really interesting. My dad gives me the best books, which are sort of our tradition; he gives me really good novels.

What’s the third thing? The Blackberry?
No, that gives me anxiety! It’s like a love hate thing, isn’t it? You kind of have to be in communication….. I just went on a road trip in New Zealand with my boyfriend. It was amazing. We went skydiving. We went horseback riding on the beach and up into the hills and we took a helicopter to the top of the glacier and got out and skied down. We just did the most amazing things. I love adventure.

So the third thing could be adventure?

(Laughs) There you go!