Meet Elliot Richards, a well-meaning but socially inept technical-support advisor who is in love with Alison Gardner, a female co-worker. Unfortunately she barely knows he’s alive. Desperate to gain Alison’s affections, Elliot strikes a deal with the Devil – a lusty, drop-dead gorgeous woman with, as he’ll soon discover, a wicked sense of humor. In exchange for Elliot’s soul, the temptress will grant him seven wishes. To start, Elliot asks to be rich, powerful and married to Alison. When he awakens the next morning, he discovers he’s all that and more – as a Colombian drug lord. No problem, he thinks, because he’s got six more wishes. How about becoming the most emotionally sensitive man in the world? Sure, only Elliot ends up a sniveling, driveling fool. A 7′ 6″ basketball superstar? Elliot breaks all NBA records, but unfortunately his “equipment” doesn’t measure up. Elliot is learning the hard way to be careful what he wishes for. Because the Devil, always a step ahead of him, is dishing up hilariously subversive versions of Elliot’s desires, turning each of his new lives into a living hell. BEDAZZLED stars Brendan Fraser as Elliot Richards, a hapless young man consumed by unrequited love and desperate to change his life. Elizabeth Hurley plays the Devil, who slyly promises to do just that – for a price. Frances O’Connor plays Alison Gardner, the object of Elliot’s affections.



November 10, 2000


Harold Ramis


Harold Ramis, Larry Gelbart, Peter Tolan (screenplay), Peter Cook, Dudley Moore (1967 screenplay)


20th Century Fox


Comedy, Fantasy, Romance




93 minutes