Drunken Butterflies. Newcastle Upon Tyne, the Twenty-Teens. Tracy Bell is having a bad day. Her best friend Chloe was seeing her brother Liam until last night’s party when she went behind his back with another lad, Chris, the magic trick guy – at least that’s what Tracy heard. She heard it from Sarah and Becca and God knows if those two can be believed, the two of them constantly bitching, Sarah looking for any opportunity to snatch Tracy’s crown as Byker’s queen bee. The only thing for it is to head to town and find Chloe somewhere in the shops and Saturday buzz and ask her straight out. Across town Chloe is running scared and trying to reconnect with old friends, Isla and Nicky, shyer and a lot less fun than Tracy and the gang she’s been hanging with lately, but friends all the same. While Chloe and her friends set out in earnest to readjust to their old routines, Tracy picks up some unwanted attention she can’t shake, and the stage is set for a life-changing day in the city, all heading towards the Saturday night party to end them all. Drunken Butterflies is a new feature drama following the interconnected lives and thoughts of eight Newcastle teens through one Saturday in the city.



October 07, 2014


Garry Sykes


Garry Sykes


Rockhopper Productions


Action, Comedy, Drama


89 minutes