It’s not a remake, it’s not a sequel and it’s not based on a Japanese one.

Depressed after being dumped by his girlfriend, Ben (Joel Moore) persuades his friend Marcus (Deon Richmond) to leave behind the many appeals of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and join him on a haunted swamp tour.

As their inept guide leads them through the bayou, telling wild stories of local legends, the pair soon find themselves in trouble as the boat sinks and they are left stranded in the wilderness with their fellow tourists; two empty-headed girls with dreams of movie stardom, their ‘director’, a married couple and a lone girl who doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

As they attempt to find a way out of the swamp, they come across the Crowley house, home of Victor Crowley, a hideously deformed boy killed in tragic circumstances. It soon becomes apparent that the legend of Victor Crowley is much more than just a story and soon the group find themselves hunted by a killer more hideous and terrifying than they could ever have imagined.

A savvy, fun, blood-soaked horror, it features an amazing supporting cast of the some of the genre’s best known actors; Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Tony Todd (Candyman) and Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday 13th VII and VIII, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Chapter and Jason X).



October 05, 2007


Adam Green


Adam Green


The Works UK Distribution


Comedy, Horror




85 minutes