Jim Sturgess, Clémence Poésy, Noel Clarke, Joseph Mawle, Eddie Marsan, Luke Treadaway and Timothy Spall lead a talented ensemble cast in the dark psychological thriller / horror HEARTLESS, written and directed by British auteur Philip Ridley (The Reflecting Skin, The Passion of Darkly Noon.) The film was financed by CinemaNX and Isle of Man Film, Framestore Features, Cinema Two and Regent Capital, and is a Matador Pictures, CrossDay and May 13 production. Producers are Richard Raymond and Pippa Cross.

HEARTLESS marks Philip Ridley’s return to cinema after an absence of over a decade. It is a dark and intense British psychological horror / thriller set in contemporary East London, here visualized as a unique and gleaming labyrinth of sulfurous beauty.

The story follows Jamie, a troubled young man with a birthmark on his face, which has left him feeling isolated and fearful, hiding from the world outside. He lives in the East End of London, an area notorious for its violent hooded gangs. According to news reports, the gangs are now wearing demon masks. But, one night, Jamie discovers the terrifying truth: the gangs are not wearing masks. They are real demons. And when Jamie’s mother is killed by them in a brutal attack, he realizes he can no longer hide away. Jamie vows vengeance and turns vigilante. But the world outside is more of a nightmare than he ever imagined. As Jamie himself says:  “I open up the window and madness flies in.” 

Jim Sturgess (‘21’, ‘Across the Universe’, ‘50 Dead Men Walking’, ‘The Way Back’) stars as Jamie, Clémence Poésy (‘In Bruges’, ‘Harry Potter’) is Tia, the Eastern European immigrant who finds a connection with Jamie, Noel Clarke (‘Adulthood’, ‘Doctor Who’) plays Jamie’s friend A.J., a young man with a troubled history of gang violence, rising star Joseph Mawle (‘Freefall’, ‘The Passion’) is the iconic Papa B, two-time BIFA winner Eddie Marsan (‘Happy Go Lucky’, ‘21 Grams’) stars as the Weapons Man, Timothy Spall (Tim Burton’s ‘Sweeney Todd’, ‘Secrets and Lies’) makes a moving appearance as Jamie’s father George, with Ruth Sheen (‘Vera Drake’) as Jamie’s mother, Marion. Rising star Luke Treadaway (‘Brothers of the Head’ and the forthcoming ‘Clash of the Titans’) plays Jamie’s devious nephew Lee, with newcomers Jack Gordon (‘Fishtank’) as Jeeko, the unlucky rentboy, and nine year old Nikita Mistry, who makes her debut as the devious spirit Belle.



May 21, 2010


Philip Ridley


Philip Ridley


Lions Gate Films


Drama, Horror




114 minutes