Jenny (Amanda Bynes) has worshipped rock idol Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) for as long as she can remember. Jenny takes a summer job working at Jason’s favourite resort on the tropical island of St. Lucius, along with her best friend Ryan (Jonathan Bennett).

Jenny is ecstatic when Jason actually does arrive for a brief stay, and she sneaks onto an exclusive cruise in order to get close to him. But during a sudden storm Jenny and Jason are tossed overboard, and on a tiny lifeboat they wash ashore on a seemingly deserted island. Help is nowhere to be found, and escape becomes impossible when Jenny accidentally destroys the lifeboat with their only flare, and since Jason hurt his leg, he’s stuck on the beach as Jenny sets up camp. Jenny assures Jason that she can take care of them both and of course, she is secretly delighted at the chance to be so close to her biggest crush.

While foraging for food Jenny sees the resort and realises it’s actually just a stone’s throw away and they are actually on the same island – but if Jenny tells Jason, she’ll lose this once in a lifetime opportunity to get to know her favourite celebrity. So instead of coming clean, Jenny allows Jason to continue to think they are desperate castaways.



May 18, 2007


Randal Kleiser


Stephen Langford


Delanic Films


Adventure, Comedy, Romance




87 minutes