MINORE. On a steamy summer’s night in Greece sailor William (Davide Tucci – Napoleon, Barbarians), on shore leave, arrives in a quaint coastal village to search for his long-lost father. The town is full of music and dancing and in a  bustling taverna, where the locals are drinking and dining, William takes a shine to waitress Aliki (Daphne  Alexander – The Ghost, The Fourth Kind). But after an enjoyable night, his quest quickly takes a sinister turn. A  sudden mist engulfs the town and otherworldly monsters from the deep begin to invade, enticing the locals into  the sea with strange and disturbing dreams…  

When things turn freaky, it’s fighting not flirting that takes priority as William and Aliki join forces with the  colourful locals – including bar owner, Pantelis (played by Eurovision contestant Christos Callow) – to battle the  beasts. Everyone from musicians to bodybuilders, tourists to criminals and even a priest and a granny must fight  the fearsome foes to save their tranquil town, with non-stop clashes and gratuitous gore all the way. 

Brimming with Greek authenticity, weird and wonderful special effects and with an aurally enchanting rebetiko  soundtrack, Koutsoliotas weaves a tapestry of fantasy, blood, gore and folklore, blended with outrageous action  and the darkest of humour. 

Mixing the everyday with the extraordinarily extreme, face off with the monstrous beasts from beyond in Minore and you’ll definitely be going Greek this Summer. 



August 26, 2023


Konstantinos Koutsoliotas


Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, Elizabeth E. Schuch


Melancholy Star




111 minutes