After inadvertently killing the perfect girl with an unfortunate marriage proposal -involving a cupid outfit and heart failure – Anderson (Jason Biggs) has spent the past year face-down on his couch, clinging desperately to memories of his lost love and vowing to be alone forever.

His best friend Ted (Michael Weston) drags him out to breakfast at the local diner and challenges him to look around – maybe there’s another perfect girl out there for him. But to Anderson, there’s no point in even trying – he took his shot, and he failed. Love just isn’t possible for him.

Across the crowded diner, waitress Katie (Isla Fisher) has love issues of her own – the perfect orthodontist proposed to her the night before. Staring down the barrel of a stable but passionless marriage, Katie is seized by fear that saying “yes” will close the door on any hope for the real thing – the kind of love that ignites spontaneously and burns for a lifetime.

When Ted dares Anderson to try just one more time, fate puts Katie directly in his path. Instead of their breakfast order, she gets a marriage proposal: “What could possibly be more romantic than throwing away your entire life and running off with some handsome stranger you spotted across a crowded restaurant?”

Any other girl would laugh at such an absurd proposition.

Any girl but Katie … who discovers to her surprise – and Anderson’s – that the answer is yes.

Together, they set out on a path that could turn out to be the beginning of the rest of their lives – getting to know each other, moving in together, meeting each other’s friends and parents, revealing their charms and flaws – over the course of a dizzying 48- hour courtship that has everything backwards. Is it possible to look across a crowded room and find the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with?

Taking the ultimate gamble with their hearts on the table, Katie and Anderson are about to learn that the heart works in mysterious ways and even the most imperfect people can find perfect love.



June 01, 2007


Michael Ian Black


Michael Ian Black




Comedy, Romance




90 minutes