"An air of unease builds throughout the movie until an explosion erupts"

A Change in the Weather, directed by Jon Sanders (Back to the Garden, Painted Angels), stars Meret Becker, Bob Goody, Anna Mottram, Tanya Myers, Maxine Finch, Emma Garden, Seonaid Goody, Stephen Lowe & Douglas Finch.

This is the fifth film from writer-director, Jon Sanders, which he shot with an au naturel feel, captured after a minimal number of takes through an improvisational process. Think what might come out at the end of a Mike Leigh workshop!

Director Jon Sanders says: “A Change in the Weather is the fourth and most ambitious film that myself and Anna have made.. We were shooting abroad for the first time.. the increased scale and ..dramatic potential of the space available to us allowed for greater cinematic possibilities... It was a strange and wonderful place to be and it affected us all.”

The story tells of a playwright who’s workshopping his in a rural part of France, as for what the exact connection is between the fictionalized characters and their true selves, this is revealed to us gradually but it can make for confusing viewing at times.

Ironically the most moving scene in the entire film is when the fictionalized characters interact with a puppet, whose motions are stimulated, even manipulated by the playwright’s daughter.

An air of unease builds throughout the movie until an explosion erupts, A Change in the Weather looks at the different aspects of love during a woman’s life, and so long as you are made aware of just how the film came to be, there’s a lot that can be taken away.