"Everything you want in an Alien film and yet different from anything you’ve ever seen"

Why do we go to see horror movies? Why to be scared, of course. So why should we see this film at the IMAX? Because the bigger the screen, the bigger the scare. And as IMAX boasts the UK’s biggest screens, then this is definitely the place to go to see Aliens slobbering into your face. The xenomorph CGI action is masterful and tangible, in that it doesn’t feel like CGI. The birth scenes are truly disgusting, evoking all our deepest qualms about fleshy mortality.

Scott has said that "Alien Covenant is a big film. And a huge landscape” and there are are some epic vistas, both in space and on planet, that only IMAX can really give a true sense of scale to. With IMAX, you’re part of the feel. You’re actually part of the scene. It’s shocking, it’s right in your face”.

The huge width and height of the IMAX screen can more than fill your field of view. So you have the illusion of being in the movie. When a character is in a dark claustrophobic scene, frantically scanning the shadows for movement, you’re doing the same. When there’s only a pane of glass between you and an Alien head-butting his way in, the sense of threat is very real. Something that’s all teeth, claws, and nerco-mechanical rage suddenly bursts at you out of the dark, you’re going to jump.

“The trick is to have a sense of unease, leading to dread. For what I do, the bigger the image, the better”, Scott says. In the case of Alien Covenant, to get the most out of the tense thrills and chills served up by Ridley Scott, that’s certainly true. But don’t get overwhelmed by the sights and sounds, there's plenty of plot too - moving things along from Prometheus with some nice twists.

“Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! “ Shelly, or was it Byron? Whoever it was, don’t forget the popcorn.