"its more suspenseful than scary"

I'm not a huge fan of horror films, however once every so often there's one that will try to 'reinvent' the genre. We all know what to expect from teen slasher flicks, a psycho running around with a weapon, usually a knife, fishing hook, bladed glove, the list goes on.

This film does it slightly differently. There is a psycho, but he isn't wielding a knife or fishing hook, he has a conventional shot gun and later a machete!

The young cast are excellent and definitely ones to watch out for in the future, Michael Welch plays an interesting tortured soul, quite the leap from his geeky character in Joan of Arcadia.

Amber Heard is excellent and stood out as Mandy Lane, having lost both her parents at a young age and brought up by her aunt, she seems to be shy and some what introverted and plays the typical quiet girl. She isn't one for drugs or drink but she clearly loves to flirt and plays hard to get. (You know what they say 'watch out for the quiet ones!') She confidently plays the role of an athletic, flirty, hard to get, virginal angel and I for one will be watching out for her in future roles (oh and yes she is hot!).

Anson Mount, is exceptional as Garth, an ex marine ranch hand, who takes a shine to Mandy, he's quite the tortured soul, having lost his family, and likes to be left alone.

In some ways this is an interesting 'Romeo & Juliet' type story as well as the predictable teen slasher flick. At the heart of it is love and ultimately our crazy behaviour which is evidenced by the final act - something I didn't see coming.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane doesn't raise the bar for horror films, but it does have its place. It's a gripping, thrilling take on this teen scream trend. The film has some gore but I'd say its more suspenseful than scary. Those of you that want endless gory violence won't like it, those of you that want a compelling, calculated, manipulating, emotional, well thought out film will like it. Although I won't be a converted slasher film fan, I enjoyed the film (not just for the eye candy), it's a well scripted, interesting piece that is worth checking out with a few friends.