"brings to light an incredible phenomenon"

Netflix have been blazing a trail recently, with hard hitting and thought provoking fair, and the latest offering Chasing Coral from filmmaking team Jeff Orlowski, Davis Coombe and Vickie Curtis just continues to show why Netflix are a force in the film industry.

Chasing Coral is a stunning look at what is happening to the Coral Reefs around the World following the collective will and wisdom of an ad man, a self-proclaimed coral nerd, top-notch camera designers, and renowned marine biologists as they reveal a phenomenon called “Coral Bleaching”.

Coral Bleaching is occurs when coral polyps expel algae that lives inside their tissues. Normally, coral polyps live in an endosymbiotic relationship with the algae and that relationship is crucial for the coral and hence for the health of the whole reef. Bleached corals continue to live.

Using incredible time lapse footage from these custom built cameras, and first hand accounts from the diving team, Chasing Coral brings to light an incredible phenomenon that is threatening corals as we know them.