"beautiful, precious story that teaches the importance of family, following dreams and having a zest for life"

The expectations for this film, even before it was released were very high, what with the renowned quality of past collaborations (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Inside Out) to name a few. From the beginning of this film it is clear that these expectations are not only met once again, they are exceeded.

The story is set in Mexico and follows young Miguel on his dream of becoming a musician and his family’s dismay at this; due to their family history music in their household, is forbidden. Through his journey we are taken on a thrilling ride crossing the world of the living into the vibrant land of the dead. The plot is extremely well written; full of twists and turns and gorgeous visuals representing Miguel’s ardent dream as well as the stunning creatures ‘Alebrijes’ which are the land of the dead’s spirit guides- a sure favourite for the next Disney mascots worldwide. We meet some great characters too such as Miguel’s dim witted and irresistibly endearing dog Dante.

What is most impressive about this film is the way in which the writers have embedded the theme of death so seamlessly, it is done with such sensitivity it becomes a precious lesson to both the children and adults in the audience. We learn that every year for ‘Dia de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) families must put their passed loved one’s pictures on an altar for their spirits to be able to visit them. The inhabitants of the land of the dead only remain if they are remembered, if they are forgotten they fade away from that world too. An amazing way of highlighting the importance of family and remembering those who have passed on. It is also a lesson in living your best life and leaving behind the best memories you can.

The last scene ties in all of these themes beautifully with the gorgeous song ‘Remember Me’, a scene which bonds Miguel even more with his grandma Mama Coco, a scene so pure, it had not only me but the three male friends next to me, shed a tear.

I urge anyone reading this to watch this film and take as many people with you as you can – yet another success from Disney, we can all quote from.