"served to fill in the gaps of my knowledge"

For me, one of my earliest memories is listening to the music my Dad played whilst I was growing up: be it Queen, Pink Floyd, Genesis or Status Quo, so it was a rare treat for me to be in attendance for the screening of Hello Quo, a documentary that charts their 50 year history.

Packed full of candid interviews with the legendary British band, the film served to fill in the gaps of my knowledge of the band, their troubles over the years, whilst documented in the media, this film tells the stories from the point of view of the band.

Like the early band names, how they found each other and adapting their style over the years.

A couple of other examples would be how they felt when they first encountered armed police at an airport and what it was like to spend time in a foreign prison, the list is endless.

At just over two hours in length, set to the backdrop of classic hits of Status Quo and capturing their style with bright colours and fast paced movements, you won't feel the time, it sails by and you don't want it to end.

With a year that has seen its fair share of  releases of concert movies in 3D, Hello Quo is a much needed change of pace, and I for one cannot wait to see what the band does next.