"you can literally feel every blow that is inflicted"

We all root for the underdog, and that's essentially the premise that Here Comes the Boom is based upon, and while it isn't as slapstick funny as say Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, it clearly stands tall, separating itself from the norm.

Here Comes the Boom stars the loveable Kevin James as Scott Voss, a high school biology teacher who has seemingly lost his drive and passion for teaching, however this is reignited when his colleague and music teacher Marty Strep (Henry Winkler) is threatened with the loss of his job, following the shock announcement concerning budget cuts from the Principal (Greg Germann).Therefore, in order to help save his dear friends job, he decides to become a Mixed Martial Arts fighter to raise the necessary funds. 

We follow Voss as he trains to become an MMA fighter, and in doing so he gets his arse handed to him on a number of occasions, but alas he never gives up, so much so that it earns him the attention of the hugely successful UFC...

The film pulls absolutely no punches, you can literally feel every blow that is inflicted on James, and while there is the underlying love interest plot line - in the shapely form of Salma Hayek (as the school nurse - Bella Flores), the smart thing was to leave that as a mere footnote; and that's exactly what Frank Coraci and his writing team (including James) have done.

The performances are all fantastic, no one holds back, they each play their roles very well and sincerely, completely believable in the process. Meanwhile, music plays a vital role in the feature, and while a lot of it is classical, we are treated to the returning song by POD, entitled 'Here Comes the Boom' which serves as Voss's entrance music at his various fighting bouts.

Here Comes the Boom is engaging, undemanding and completely enjoyable, it has a lot of heart and James' Voss certainly brings the Boom!