"Ladies and gentlemen to quote Bill Goldberg 'Believe The Hype'. This film is almost a 'Film of the year' contender"

Before I begin this review I'd like to tell you of a nostalgic experience that I was a part of before the movie began; I arrived at the VUE Cinema, Leicester Square where I found myself lining up in a queue of around 300 fellow horror fans and FrightFest regulars that stretched right around the corner and beyond.

At first I was concerned as to wether I'd get into the screening but then I was informed that there are two screens so I was very relieved... and then very happy. Only two other times in history have I ever had to join a large queue for a screening which were Jurassic Park when I was eighth years old and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.... Honestly I wish we could do this more often.... wait what am I doing again??? *checks notes* Oh right! The 'IT' Review....

'Horror remakes'....a phrase that sends chills down the spines of many hardcore horror fans...mainly cause a lot of Horror remakes don't live up to the original but some have stepped up and made great renditions of the classics we know and love and made them their own. Zack Snyder's 'Dawn of the Dead' and The recent 'Hannibal' TV series (The 1st two seasons) from Bryan Fuller to name a couple. But does 'MAMA' Director Andrés Muschietti's vision of one of Stephen King's most celebrated novels live up to the hype?....DAMN RIGHT IT DOES!!!

In the small town of Derry, Maine a series of disappearances start taking place as a group of children called 'The Losers Club' are tormented with their worst fears by a supernatural being posing as a clown... But you know this already....What! It's Stephen King's IT! One of the most iconic horror stories EVER conceived! Most of us have seen The mini series with Tim Curry... it's a masterpiece!!... Well the first part is anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen to quote Bill Goldberg 'Believe The Hype'. This film is almost a 'Film of the Year' contender if it wasn't for the CGI moments that kinda diminished the dread the audience was feeling at the time. That is the ONE and ONLY negative thing I have to say about this movie. One thing I was not expecting to like about this movie was the FANTASTIC Score that blended so brilliantly with the camera angles, colour and set designs that create drama and tension throughout this two hour+ thrill ride that didn't feel that long.

The cast (ALL OF THEM) were great; so much humour, so much emotion, you cared so much about the members of The Losers Club. Each one has a specific fear that Pennywise preys upon well....and speaking of Pennywise....When I first saw this guy (The Sewer scene Obviously) it reminded me of that scene from The Dark Knight when The Joker first speaks to the gangsters in that room (Yeah y'all know what scene I'm talking about) I got goosebumps watching Bill Skarsgård's opening scene tempting Georgie. Bill Skarsgård really made his own rendition of Pennywise and scared the hell out of the audience throughout. Just wish he had more dialogue.

Overall this is one of the best horror remakes and potential horror film of the year that delivers drama, humour and a lot of scares and great performances. Very interested to see how part 2 plays out.