"it simply kicks ass! With one of the funniest performances by Nicolas Cage in years"

Kick-Ass, like many classic superhero stories, is about an ordinary guy who becomes something more, something extraordinary. Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), soon encounters a mysterious vigilante called Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), and his daughter Hit-Girl (Chloë Moretz), who are working to bring down the local drug baron Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong).

I went in without any expectations, I’ve watched a few of the trailers and thought they were amusing but that is an absolute understatement.. it simply kicks ass! With one of the funniest performances by Nicolas Cage in years, and exceptional chemistry between him and his bad ass little girl. The fact that Chloe Moretz is so young and portraying this cursing, murderous hellcat is disconcerting, but nothing short of awesome. It's finished to a tee, the soundtrack, the casting, the hilarious superhero references, the fight scenes.. the energy just builds and builds.

The main story isn’t exactly one we haven’t seen before: ordinary boy becomes a superhero. But unlike some of the more familiar superheroes tales, this one is slightly more grounded in reality. I would normally lose interest during those long drawn out fight scenes, and sure, they are over the top but that doesn’t detract from the film at all as everything in it is over the top and they let you know at every chance they get. Hit Girl has some of the best scenes, I don’t know if it is just fantastic choreography or the fact someone some young is doing something so violent but it all comes together.

Aaron Johnson’s Dave is mop-headed and dopey, but he learns how to be his real self by donning a scuba suit and going out in the world as a crime fighter. He gets his ass kicked (he has no actual superhero skills), but a video of his pummeling goes viral and suddenly superheroes are everywhere. I think the pacing is exemplary, there really weren't any dead spots for the audience to shift in their seats. Kick Ass doesn't just amuse you, it completely draws you in, ride the wave and you will leave the cinema on an absolute high. I can’t imagine that it won’t be one of my favorites come the end of 2010.