"Emma Thompson returns as the title character and doesn't disappoint"

In the sequel to the global hit Nanny McPhee Emma Thompson returns as the title character and doesn't disappoint. However it lacks some of the fun and magic from the first film.

I was pleasantly surprised with Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance, she pulls off the English accent perfectly. The kids are the stars of the film, the two upper class children, Cyril and Celia (Eros Vlahos and Rosie Taylor-Ritson) are wonderful as the spoilt brats, who react to their new surroundings the only way they know how; by moaning and complaining. The other kids are great too, noticeably the eldest Norman (Asa Butterfield) who provides hope and the voice of reason at times is definitely one to watch.

My favourite moment of the film was the escaped Piglets sequence, where with a bit of magic the piglets are able to do extraordinary things like climb trees and synchronized swimming which visually was a lot of fun.

The film has a littering of British comedy talent from Bill Bailey to Katy Brand, it's refreshing to see them branching out into film. I was disappointed by Ralph Fiennes, for such a talented actor he was little more than a cameo and slightly too ridged. The Nanny McPhee sequel is lighthearted entertainment for kids but lacks on the double-entendres for adults to snigger at. For all its short comings, it's still worth a viewing with the kids on a lazy afternoon.