"Scary Movie and Hot Tub Time Machine mixed rapidly in a blender"

Now that the world's fear of doomsday has passed, there seems to be a hilarious wave of post-apocalyptic comedies flying in to the box-office this summer starting with the outrageously hilarious Rapture-Palooza. The movie follows the assignation of the Anti-Christ after he proposes to Lindsey and gives her eight hours to decide between an engagement or the death of everyone she has ever met including her boyfriend Ben. So they hatch a plan to assignat the Anti Christ aka, The Beast and his banned name Earl.

Despite the low VFX budget for Rapture-Palooza the post-rapture movie encompasses a huge range of CGI effects including raining blood, flaming meteors and The Beast's lazer cannon. An amazing cast has been assembled for this hilarious comedy including Hot Tub Time Machine Star Craig Robinson who plays the Anti-Christ along with the Hangover's Ken Jeong as obviously the all mighty, powerful and comedic God and Up In The Air's Anna Kendrick as Lindsey.

The movie is set in the non typical Hollywood apocalypse setting the film truly shows what the world would be really be like after the apocalypse through the comedic mind of Chris Matheson. The characters almost treat the apocalypse as just another thing you have to deal with when you wake up having blackbirds shouting swear words through your windows, a dead guy on your lawn who never stops mowing even without a lawn mower and small insects that are impervious to most bug sprays, bite you and shout suffer constantly.

Rapture-Palooza Director Paul Middleditch brings all his low-budget filming experience into this possibly box-office topping comedy with his dim apocalyptic lighting, sunglasses, and slow-motion effects. Middleditch seems to be scraping away at all of the ideas associated with the rapture and converting it into comedy and creating the cursed family as Lindsey's mom is taken up into heaven, then rejected and thrown back down to earth as an emotional wreck for quibbling over a space in the line to be judged and then just a short while later her farther is crushed by a meteor along with her brothers who become legal drug dealers.

The second coming brings the hilarious Hangover Gangster Ken Jeong in to the mix as God proving that he will continue his roles in comedies despite the recent ending of the Hangover trilogy. This is a true must see for any Hot Tub Time Machine, Hangover trilogy or Scary Move Franchise fans.