"bleak and violent look at a future"

Repo Men is a thought provoking, bleak and violent look at a future where medical science is so advanced that everything from your knee cap to your heart can be transplanted with an artificial version. The premise is interesting, however what is intelligent at the start becomes the blow for blow action flick we have seen time and time again. After an unfortunate accident Remy (Jude Law), turns from hunter into the hunted as he goes up against his former employer, Frank (Liev Schreiber) and partner, Jake (Forest Whitaker).

The action sequences and acting were good, not something I would've thought Jude Law could do, he portrays his character with conviction and emotion and it's refreshing to see him in a role that is far removed from his usual romcoms. Similarly, Forest Whitaker shows a side we aren't used to seeing, as the thug who is torn between friendship and duty and appears to be having more fun than his counter part. Alice Braga is equally entertaining in her role, but with little back story to her character, it leaves you wanting to know more about her and sadly not connecting with her plight. Similarly Carice van Houten is underused and her character is under developed.

The film is about friendship at heart (no pun intended), with the two main characters Remy and Jake being the Repo Men. I was pleasantly surprised that with a film about the removal of artificial organs wasn't all gore, this would've distracted from the point of the film. Overall, it's average - with so many unrealistic action scenes it became less and less entertaining, as did the equally unrealistic and clichéd plot and I was left with too many unanswered questions floating around the Repo Men. I'm hoping next time the first time director Miguel Sapochnik will deliver something more clearer and concise.