"Everything we have come to expect from the British romantic comedy; pleasant and enjoyable, but frustratingly ordinary…"

In case you were wondering, the extravagantly named Salmon Fishing in the Yemen isn't just a quirky, unconventional title, it's exactly as it says on the tin - as Swedish director Lasse Hallström's latest project is about salmon fishing, in the Yemen.

Visionary Arab sheik Muhammed (Amr Waked) has an idea of talking salmon fishing to his native country, in an attempt to build a community but also to fulfil a lifetime ambition and hobby. His consultant Harriet (Emily Blunt) is left with the task of finding someone who could make the sheik's dream come true and she turns to fisheries expert Dr. Alfred Jones (Ewan McGregor), who is somewhat sceptical of the seemingly implausible task despite the pressure of success by the Prime Minister's press secretary Patricia (Kristin Scott Thomas).

Fred is suffering from difficulties in his marriage, and his new co-worker Harriet is fearing for the life of her missing boyfriend Robert (Tom Mison) on duty in Afghanistan. The pair soon develop feelings for one another, as they have to work equally as hard to secure salmon fishing in the Yemen, as they do to have one another.

As expected Hallström's feature is extremely charming, with some endearing and funny moments littered across the film. Sadly little more is achieved than mere charm, as the feature has one or two misgivings within it's story and overall significance. However, the two stories that run in alignment are smartly combined with the same sentiment, as the supposed impossibility of taking tens of thousands of salmon to a new home in the humid middle east, works as a reflection of the seemingly unlikely relationship between Fred and Harriet.

However, despite being the key story, their relationship is somewhat unbelievable as their relationship moves at far too quick a pace. One moment they are awkward new colleagues, the next he is love with her and is willing to give up his marriage as a result. Their pending romance therefore appears too weak to be taken seriously enough and devalues the overall sentiment to the film.

There aren't any negatives to be said of their performances however, particularly for McGregor who puts in one his finest in a while. Although despite that, the star of the show is Scott Thomas, who excels as the overzealous secretary Patricia, as the majority of the comical moments within the film come through her.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is an undemanding and gratifying picture, if a little short in substance. If you leave disappointed having seen this film, then you are clearly going in with the wrong expectations, as it's everything we have come to expect from the British romantic comedy; pleasant and enjoyable, but frustratingly ordinary.