"Packed full of action, thrills and beautiful locations"

In recent years we have seen an influx of animated feature films, and this little known gem that follows the plight of Leatherback Turtles - which is slightly reminiscent of Finding Nemo - is simply a joy to watch from start to finish.

Sammy's Great Escape is a follow up to A Turtle's Tale, the first of Ben Stassen's projects, yet it's safe to say that you do not need to have seen the original to enjoy this film, as it's not a tale that requires a familiarity with the story nor characters, working as a mere self-contained tale.

Sammy's Great Escape touches on the nefarious industry of poaching and this kicks the story off where we are reintroduced to Sammy and his family as they welcome new additions into their family. However disaster strikes as both Sammy and Ray are caught in a net by poachers on the beach as they fend off an attack by Seagulls for the newly hatched turtles.

Sammy and Ray find themselves on a poachers boat with two hatchlings - Ella and Ricky - as they are shipped off to a spectacular aquarium in a Dubai based restaurant. While Sammy and Ray are sold on to the aquarium, Ella and Ricky are flushed out into the sea, where they befriend a young octopus and hatch a daring plan to rescue their elders.

Packed full of action, thrills and beautiful locations - as well as memorable and entertaining characters - Sammy's Great Escape is fun for all the family. The animation is beautiful, the hatchling Leatherback Turtles are extremely cute, and dare I say it, but when compared to Nemo, come out trumps on the cute scale.

As a self-confessed fan of animated films, ranging from the little known productions like Food Fight! to the high end productions from Disney • Pixar, Sammy's Great Escape is somewhere in between - yet in terms of quality, right up there with the best of them.