"In all honesty, not much actually happens, but it doesn’t really need too…"

Essentially, Terri is just a film about an overweight teenager, far more intellectual and worthwhile than he is taken for. However, the film explores a variety of issues, combining both sentimentality with hilarity throughout, making for a perceptively enjoyable feature.

In somewhat of a coming-of-age tale about the obese adolescent, we follow outcast Terri (Jacob Wysocki), desperate to be taken seriously as he struggles to amend his complicated life.

There are few laughs where Wysocki is concerned; who in turn is what provides the film with its poignant aspects, as he is clearly a young man uncomfortable and unhappy with his life. However, John C. Reilly is hilarious as the school’s head teacher Mr. Fitzgerald, as the star, appearing in a variety of films at the London Film Festival, returns to his comic best in this particular feature, as the character is determined to show faith in Terri, but in such a accidentally-patronising and quite feeble way.

However, it appears to work as the pair form an unlikely friendship, although seemingly sincere and genuine. In a side plot, Terri takes a liking to Heather (Olivia Crocicchia), also an outcast at school after having been caught fumbling around with a fellow student during class. Along with the peculiar and quite creepy recluse Chad (Bridger Zadina), the film takes on a more teen element, deviating away from the relationship between Terri and his headmaster.

In all honesty, not much actually happens, but it doesn’t really need too. It’s a charming, touching film, exploring the life and tribulations of an ostracised student.

Much of the film is dependant on the performance of Wysocki, who has a real vulnerability to him, and can’t help but move the audience. With little dialogue, and a tragic sense of fashion, going to school in his pyjamas on a daily basis, a black pair when he needs to attend a funeral – Terri is actually quite an upsetting character.

It’s also quite a brave and unique piece of filmmaking by Azazel Jacobs, looking at the issue of obesity from a different perspective to what we are used too. Most commonly found in teen/high school movies, which in a sense is what Terri is – overweight characters are portrayed somewhat flippantly, and more often than not are simply a source of comedy, with the characters living up to their physique, playing up to their situation for comedic purposes.

However, Terri takes quite a bleak look at weight, and although the film is hilarious in parts, that comes as a result of the individual, and the relationships between characters, whereas the issue of weight is treated far more rationally, and thus quite insensitively.

Aside from that aspect to the film, overall it is an amiable, delightful and warm film, and certainly one of the picks from this years London Film Festival. It’s also brilliant to see Reilly’s comedic side again, as he once again proves to be one of the funniest comedy actors in Hollywood.