"Shockingly gruesome – makes the Saw series look like the Care Bears!"

The squeamish amongst you need not apply as far as watching this film is concerned.  If ever a film has oozed sheer, unbridled malevolence this is it - The Collector takes all of your worst nightmares and packages them up into 90 minutes of sheer visceral carnage. 

However, it’s not just the level of gore that separates The Collector from its peers, it’s the fresh way that the characters are dealt with in the film – rather than having a clear cut good guy vs bad guy situation, we are left with moral ambiguity – the ‘good guy’ is in fact a bad guy, it’s just in this instance the ’bad guy’ is a lot worse. 

The ‘good guy’  in question is Arkin (a top performance by Josh Stewart) – a handyman at the Chase family home.  Arkin however, has an ulterior motive, namely the massive lump of precious stone in the Chase vault.  However, what starts as a simple safe cracking job soon turns into something far more serious as Arkin finds himself in the middle of a sadistic killers fun house. 

Make no mistake about it – this film is all about shock value.  This is not a film that leaves anything to the imagination – every single death is played out in graphic detail.  The real menace of the film comes from the fact that the whole thing is played out inside a family home – the one place where you are supposed to be safe.  Ultimately however, the performance of Juan Fernandez as the Collector provides the coup de grace.  Despite having no dialogue, the character exudes an air of pure evil – it is truly a chilling performance that at times was uncomfortable to watch. 

The Collector pulls absolutely no punches – many indeed will suggest it is too graphic for its own good.  Regardless of this, it is still a truly terrifying film, creating a real sense of discomfort and unease – definitely one for the fright fans.