"Packed full of thrills and heart, The House of Magic is a joy to watch from start to climactic finish"

The House of Magic is a delight, Thunder (Murray Blue) is a young, naive scared cat and throughout the film you see him grow and go from being scared to being the leader of the pack.

I particularly enjoyed the POV shots where the film is told from his perspective, he starts off as a scared abandoned Tabby Cat, that seeks refuge in a suspected haunted house from the storm and ends up saving the day and by seeing it from his point of view, you are able to go on the journey with him.

The animation is beautiful, from start to end the quality of the animation is fantastic, and equally, the plot of the film is great too, and the 3D is spectacular, and whilst some of the 3D is used in a gimmicky way, the majority is used creatively adding another layer to this amazing film.

Lawrence (Doug Stone) is a retired Magician, who owns a big, beautiful mansion that is under threat from being sold by his nephew - Danny (Grant George) an estate agent who is severely allergic to cats. At first all Danny wants to do is sell the house, but after he is foiled time and time again by Thunder an his new family, he decides to destroy the house with a wrecking ball, so what starts as a fight to save the hose, descends into a fight for survival.

The House of Magic isn’t just a one cat show, so whilst Thunder does become the alpha, it's up to the entire household to pull together to solve this crisis. Thunder is accepted into the house by the majority of the family, but he has to win over Jack (George Babbit) and Maggie (Shanelle Gray), a white rabbit and white mouse respectively, who take a disliking to Thunder upon his arrival.

Packed full of thrills and heart, The House of Magic is a joy to watch from start to climactic finish, and proves you are never too old to do what you love.