"only really suitable for very young children"

The Jungle Bunch is a very colourful feature animation based on a French, American and British collaboration CGI animated television series created by Jean-François Tosti, David Alaux, Eric Tosti in 2011. This 2017 animation film in English follows the adventures of Maurice, a penguin who thinks he is a tiger (raised by a tigress - Natacha). He's accompanied by a gorilla, a tarsier and his own adopted son a goldfish (in a bowl), together they are the defenders of the jungle, know as The Jungle Bunch.

Our story begins with Natacha (Maurice's adoptive mother) and The Champs (the original protectors of the jungle) who thwart the plans of an evil koala named Igor to destroy the jungle. We later learn that Igor is bitter and disgruntled because he actually had wanted to be member of The Champs but had been rejected. The jungle is saved from the destructive fire but Igor manages to escape to a small island populated by a solitary crab, from where he plots his revenge.

The plot picks up with many years having passed and The Champs are older, Maurice and The Jungle Bunch have taken on the role of defenders of the jungle much against the wishes of Maurice's mother Natacha. Igor has managed to escape from his isolation on the island and sets about resuming with his plan to destroy the jungle.

Although enjoyable enough, maybe because of it's French origins/source material The Jungle Bunch may feel confused in characterisation and audience appeal, especially to those more familiar to animations from more traditional studios such as Disney or Pixar. It seems it was trying to be to clever in it's appeal and actually alienated itself introducing too many animated characters and feeling manufactured. Also the structure of the animation does not have enough appeal to cater for adults and older children. It's only really suitable for very young children, up to 10 years old.