"The story was rushed, misunderstood and highly predictable"


The Notebook is one of my favorite films, but oh Nicolas sparks.. please try something new! Dear John was bearable but this was just awful. I don't know what to complain about first, I went in not expecting anything groundbreaking but I didn't realise it would be horrendous. It wasn't just the acting, directing, or writing. It was a combination of all those factors.

The story was rushed, misunderstood and highly predictable. With huge plot holes, at the portions of the film where I actually felt as though I was supposed to cry seemed to happen so fast that I felt like I didn't have time to understand why. The baby turtles - If I was seeing the film in a cinema I would have left to get a snack, that scene generated more laughter than any other.

Miley Cyrus just doesn't actually make an effort to fit into the shoes of Ronnie. Will, played by Liam Hemsworth, was better, the chemistry  but not enough to make the film interesting. Now Greg Kinnear does deliver a believable performance as the dad as does Bobby Coleman as the little brother.

It's a film about losing your way, and finding your way back home. It's about first loves, heartbreak, and tragedy; all fit into the predictable Nicholas Sparks format. A terrible clichéd experience. Sparks, I think you have sung your last song.