"disjointed scenes and the cheesy one-liners got old fast"

Like so many great films that became dragged-out trilogies, the newest Mummy falls right in. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first film. But like so many sequels, this story becomes repetitive. The first rule of sequels is to keep the cast. Rachel and Brendan had amazing chemistry, but Maria Bello was cold and weak as the new Evelyn.

The scenes were disjointed and the cheesy one-liners got old fast. Sure, Brendan Fraser still looks hot in a tux, but he still looks 35 even though his son is in his young 20s. The special effects were good but that wasn't enough to carry the film. The final battle was a complete bust, there was no idea or scale of feeling that the world was in danger, in fact there was no feeling that anyone was in danger since it was undead soldiers vs undead soldiers - neither side needs to worry about dieing. My conclusion being that it was a moderately enjoyable family film but it could have been a lot better.