"The Other Boleyn Girl is getting the new film year off to a very good start"

Based on Philippa Gregory's bestselling novel The Other Boleyn Girl tells the story of two sisters, Mary (played by Scarlett Johansson) and Anne Boleyn (played by Natalie Portman), who bother vie for King Henry VIII's (played by Eric Bana) affection (if only they knew he was not the one-girl-type). It is a time in England when girls were as their mother lady Elizabeth Boleyn (played by Kirstin Scott Thomas) put it "…Traded like cattle for the advancement and pleasure of men." The girl's father (played by Mark Rylance) wants to catch the eye of the King to secure wealth and status by "pimping" his daughter Anne to be the King's mistress. With Mary, the sweet, loving sister and the manipulative two dimensional sister, Anne the film clearly has two very strong leading roles for the young actresses, my expectations were immediately high.

Both the female leads (and in fact almost all the female characters) were played remarkably, and I felt that Natalie Portman specifically really outdid herself with portraying the emotional distress of her character. Eric Bana, perhaps was not cast properly for this role. After his portrayal as Hector in "Troy" there was an assumption he could play royalty, which may indeed be true, but sadly not in this film.

I was truly impressed. "The Other Boleyn Girl" is getting the new film year off to a very good start! We have known about Ann Boleyn and her beheading but this film gives new insight into reasons why, and the amazing relationship between Ann and her sister Mary. The plot line never gets dull and moves at a great pace..(sometimes historical films can be stodgy and slow) The performances are wonderful , especially, Natalie Portman as Anne. The entire supporting cast is outstanding, The sets and costumes are very authentic ,and the cinematography is beautiful I'm not sure how historically accurate this film really is, but as a film its well worth seeing.