"Johnson is his usual likable and charming self, with a strong presence on screen"

They say in Hollywood, don't work with children or animals, well former wrestler turned actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson does just that in his latest role that sees him as a cynical down and out Hockey player. It's not an adult film and it won't win any awards, it's simply an entertaining kids film with a message to follow your dreams.

Dwayne Johnson plays a veteran hockey player that has his dreams shattered due to a shoulder injury. This reason brings him to be judged by fairies and sentenced to tooth fairy duty. The problems and lessons that occur from now on will make him rethink his way of life and put it in order.

Johnson is his usual likable and charming self, with a strong presence on screen. It's unfortunately incredibly dull, and a massive waste of what's actually a great cast - Billy Crystal is in vintage form as Fairyland's gadgetmaster Q equivalent and Julie Andrews is as radiant as ever. Stephen Merchant has had cameos in various films, plus we know him well as the incompetent agent in Extras, but as Tracy, Thompson’s reluctant caseworker, Merchant really gets to shine. Merchant is so effortlessly funny that when he’s not on screen you are impatiently waiting for him to appear again. Six year old kids will probably laugh their six year old heads off, but the dullness of the script, the predictability of the gags and simplicity of the story is going to bore the rest of us.

A grown man wearing a pink tutu dress with fairy wings. Could be funny...but its not. The same man being shrunk down to six inches, crawling under a door with a rolled up dollar bill, while snarling at his companion. That part was pretty funny. All in all, Tooth Fairy is an entertaining kids film, it is what it is, no less no more.