Date of Birth : May 5th 1956

Eilbacher started acting as a child appearing on such popular shows as My Three Sons and Gunsmoke. She later made a transition into adult roles. Ms. Eilbacher is best remembered for her roles in two popular films of the 1980s: An Officer and a Gentleman and Beverly Hills Cop. In An Officer and a Gentleman, she played a Navy cadet who couldn’t complete the obstacle course. An avid body builder in real life, Eilbacher said the hardest aspect of this role was “pretending” to be out of shape. In BHC, she played Jenny Summers, a childhood friend of Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley whom Foley visits following the murder of another mutual childhood friend and subsequently helps him solve the murder.

Eilbacher was also featured in the 1983 epic miniseries The Winds of War playing Madeleine Henry. Eilbacher starred as Callie Shaw in the Hardy Boys Mysteries in 1977, the same year she appeared as “Lisa” in the episode “The Innocent” of the short-lived Logan’s Run. She also appeared in the 1974 television movie Bad Ronald, 1981’s This House Possessed, and several other motion and television films, and episodes of series (memorably, the episode of The New Twilight Zone, 1986’s “Nightsong”.)

Eilbacher has worked steadily through the 1980s and 1990s, though in recent years her appearances have been few. Her 1981 appearance in This House Possessed was really a supplement to her work with Parker Stevenson a few years before on The Hardy Boys; the television movie-of-the-week plays like an extended episode of the series. The series never explored any romantic connection between Frank Hardy and Callie, though the implication was present; the movie settles the issue.




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