Date of Birth : Dec 29th 1920

Lindfors was born in Uppsala, Sweden, the daughter of Karin Emilia Therese (née Dymling) and Axel Torsten Lindfors. She trained at the Royal Dramatic Theatre School, Stockholm. Soon after, she became a theater and film star in Sweden. She moved to the United States in 1946 after being signed by Warner Bros. and began working in Hollywood. She appeared in more than one hundred films including Dark City, King of Kings, Creepshow and Stargate.

She appeared with actors such as Ronald Reagan, Jeffrey Hunter, Charlton Heston, Lizabeth Scott and Errol Flynn. She also appeared on television, including the 1959 episode “The Temple of the Swinging Doll” of the NBC espionage drama Five Fingers, starring David Hedison. Later, she had a recurring role on the ABC series Life Goes On, for which she won an Emmy Award. Viveca appeared with Joseph Cotton and Ward Bond in the 1957 film The Halliday Brand. One of her last performances was in the original Stargate film.

She was married four times; to Harry Hasso, a Swedish cinematographer; Folke Rogard, a Swedish attorney and FIDE President; Don Siegel, the director; and George Tabori, a Hungarian writer, producer and director. She had three children: two sons (John Tabori with Hasso, and the actor Kristoffer Tabori, with Siegel) and a daughter (Lena Tabori, with Rogard).


Stargate ( 1995 )

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Creepshow ( 1982 )

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