Pop sensation Britney Spears makes her film debut in this sparkling teen road-trip adventure. Spears stars as Lucy, the beautiful valedictorian of her small Georgia hometown who has lost touch with her childhood best friends Mimi (Taryn Manning), a boyish trailer park sweetheart who happens to be pregnant, and Kit (Zoe Saldana) a luxury-obsessed overachiever who dreams of marrying her older boyfriend. Although it seems that they are all headed in separate directions, Mimi’s planned cross-country trip to Los Angeles in hopes of securing a recording contract brings the old friends together for a life-altering adventure. Lucy’s own dream of reuniting with her estranged mother (Kim Cattral), who abandoned her and her auto mechanic father (Dan Aykroyd) when Lucy was only three, propels the normally cautious Lucy to take part and together they hit the road, chauffeured by Mimi’s handsome loner friend Ben (Anson Mount). Their journey is plagued with many seemingly insurmountable difficulties, beginning with major car troubles that cost the girls all of their money to fix. However, they are able to raise more than enough money to pay for the repairs in a karaoke competition where Lucy (in Britney form) wows the crowd with a sexy rendition of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.” As the young girls head towards Los Angeles in Ben’s 1973 Buick convertible they face love, heartache, and loss while distancing themselves from childhood innocence in this heartwarming coming-of-age tale filled with plenty of moments for megastar Britney to shine.



March 29, 2002




Shonda Rhimes


Momentum Pictures


Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance




93 minutes