The classic story of a young man moving to New York, reinventing himself, finding success, and then losing it all becomes a buddy movie with a lethal twist in Party Monster, a feature film from award winning filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.

It’s focus is the friendship between Michael Alig (Macaulay Culkin) and James St. James (Seth Green), two mis-matched kids who meet in New York in the early 1990’s and form a friendship that will shape and change each of their lives. Of the two, James is smarter, but Michael is the quicker study. And although it is James who initiates Michael into the other world that is New York club life, it is Michael who gathers around him similar souls – the kids who had been teased and bullied in school – and gave them fabulous new Club Kid identities.

They were the Lost Boys to his Peter Pan, and helped his star to rise, as he became the premiere party giver of the time. Few were able to resist Michael’s star power, including Peter Gatien (Dylan McDermott), the powerful club owner who indulged Michael as though he were his own son. Also caught in Michael’s thrall was Angel Menendez (Wilson Cruz), the drug-dealing neophyte who looked up to Michael as though he were a god.

But as the demands of leading the party parade escalated, Michael’s behavior became increasingly outrageous. One day he went too far. He murdered Angel. And James was forced to realize that no excuse – even Angel’s increasingly threatening demands that Michael pay for his drug use – could justify such a brutal act. He had to face and tell the truth about his friend. The party was over forever.



October 17, 2003


Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato


Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato




Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama




98 minutes