"As emotional as it was, I enjoyed it"

If you have already seen the first film; A Street Cat Named Bob, you would already know the end of that film showed James Bowen and Bob had finally finding stability and security, and James had been offered a book deal, which accurately reflects on what happened in real life with Bob and James.

The first film showed James and Bob busking and selling the magazine; The Big Issue, becoming small town local celebrities, when the book became popular and ended up being one of the best-selling books of 2010.

This film is a follow up of that, where James and Bob are shown to be living in supported accommodation, with James doing much of the same; selling The Big Issue, and busking to make money for food for Bob and himself, and keeping the accommodation warm, particularly during the winter months.

However, the trailer shows much of the plot giveaway where Bob’s life with James is placed into jeopardy when animal welfare become concerned with the way James and Bob are busking on the streets, and how James has Bob with him when he is selling The Big Issue.

This becomes an issue for animal welfare when they witness Bob being somewhat attacked by a dog, which stresses James out, after he finds Bob isn’t himself, but when this is sorted, he still has to battle the animal welfare in regard to Bob. After many attempts, from animal welfare, to try and take Bob away, this fails, and the neighbourhood who supports and knows James and Bob all chip in to protect and support them, especially so close to Christmas too, where we learn the true meaning of life lessons, and the meaning of love, loyalty and family – which they both clearly have in their supporters who care and love them both dearly, and vice-versa.

I really enjoyed watching this film and being a huge animal lover, and having a ginger cat of my own, this film brought me to tears, and resulted in me going to cuddle my cat shortly after I watched this film. I was sad to hear that Bob had died earlier this year, by a hit and run accident, but I am glad he was alive for the filming of this late last year. As emotional as it was, I enjoyed it.

This film is a film about learning who is really there for you in times of need, and about the family you never knew you had, so I guess that added to the emotion too, the bond between Bob and James is just beautiful to see, and if you enjoyed the first film, and the books, you will most definitely enjoy this film!