"a film made to be watched on an IMAX screen"

From the opening of Bryan Singer's film, the glossy images of Freddy Mercury's iconic features flash on the screen and from then on we are taken on a clean cut take of Freddy and Queen's journey from budding musicians at university through to the legendary Live Aid performance at Wembley stadium in 1985.

Rami Malek is phenomenal in this role, considering the feat of playing Freddy Mercury, I was blown away by the actor's courage and the way in which he melted into the role, by mid film I had forgotten he was playing a role, which is something not every actor can achieve. The whole cast was brilliant and came across as actors who gave a nuanced performance rather than becoming impersonators of the well known people.

The reason I say the IMAX screen fits this film perfectly, is the ending sequence in particular - you may have already heard of the reenactment of the Live Aid concert, I was firstly impressed by how much of it was reenacted, albeit a song or two it was performed in full and the effect of feeling part of the crowd watching the performance worked extremely well.

Wholly, as a piece of entertainment, and keeping aside any reservations of what stages of Queen's career should have been included and how characters should have been portrayed, this is a film that should not be missed.