"awesome, it is not the film you expect it to be"

For Love or Money: An Unromantic Comedy is the latest film from filmmaker Mark Murphy, and it is hilarious from start to finish.

So the film opens at a funeral, where we meet our protagonist Mark (Robert Kazinsky) as he attempts to console Connie (Samantha Barks), who was a school friend that initially doesn’t remember him, however when she learns from Johnny (Ed Speleers) that Mark is about to come into a lot of money, Connie hatches a plan to marry him so that she can claim half the marital assets, however Mark learns that Connie knows and hatches his own plan to make life miserable for her and hilarity ensues.

This Unromantic Comedy is hilarious and doesn’t work if the lead characters of Mark and Connie (Kazinsky and Barks respectively) aren’t believable, they perform extremely well together, exuding chemistry and play off of each other flawlessly, seemingly enjoying each others company and the heinous acts they perform on one another, they revel in it and it just works.

Similarly, Tony Way’s hapless Tim, the best friend of Mark, provides a lot of humour and his chemistry with Kazinsky’s Mark is effortless, you believe these two are friends. The effortless Rachel Hurd-Wood as Kendra is another key part of this foursome, she lights up the screen when she is in the scenes, playing off extremely well with Mark and Tim, and the adversarial nature of her character with Barks’ Connie is palpable and something that is engaging and believable.

Ed Spellers’s Johnny is rather misogynistic and is funny too, sprinkled in is also David Hargreaves as The Priest, who just steals the scenes that he is in with his irreverent, not giving a damn about what is happening attitude, what stood out to me, is that he is a "Man of God" but doesn't act that way and Anna Chancellor makes a very funny and stand out appearance as Carol.

All in all ,For Love or Money: An Unromantic Comedy is awesome, it is not the film you expect it to be, and as said above the main characters just play so well off of each other, subverting expectations at every turn.