"What was that, that was the fifth rider of the apocalypse. Oh what a glorious day!"

The Mad Max series has been running a longer amount of time than a lot of it’s newer audience has been alive and this is the first time that a character has struck a chord so much that we have a direct prequel.

Furiosa is something else, whilst like the rest of the cast are over the top in places, we can put some of this down to an unreliable narrator.

Also a nice touch is that Furiosa focuses on elements of the story that likely may not have been focused on outside of the comics telling some of the back story, they involve the “history men” the people with endless tattoos detailing The Wasteland's endless amount of stories. Personally having read up on the back story of Immortan Joe this was a welcome addition, even for such a small but vital amendment.

Whilst it's set firmly in the world of Fury Road, they have opted for a chaptered approach to telling Furiosa’s story which works nicely to differentiate her differing roles as she ages, from the story where they are still in the elusive green place, her mother trying to get her to safety after she is kidnapped to arriving at the citadel and the war rig being constructed, to meeting Pretorian Jack and learning how to drive the rig. All these parts of the story link well and just over two hours literally fly by.

Chris Hemsworth also ups his game from previous performances by a long way, he is playing Dementus and swings somewhere between psychotic and menacingly evil, so much that you tend forget that this is Marvel's Thor for the longest time, for the final chapters treatment of Furiosa, the removal of her arm, all because she chose to stand against and not give in to what he wanted it greatly highlighted in the characters choice to always do whatever he wanted, sometimes his even hallucinating to see what he wanted to do. Hell it even makes it to a point where he makes Immortan Joe seem somewhat logical in his decisions as opposed to his previous depictions.

We end up having a much fuller story to drive the motivations of Fury Road, we see why Furiosa freed the wives, how they were treated and why she was feared following the final show down with Dementus and even see a partial figure of Max ahead of his troubles.

Lastly whilst we all wanted a button scene over the end, it was a touch of class to see the existing Fury Road footage over the end credits. Ultimately Furiosa is an essential chapter in the story and begs to be rewatched, I would happily rate it 4.5 out of 5, and we can only hope The Wastleand doesn’t keep us waiting forever before it arrives.