"From the word go it's tension, emotion and frights that does not let up till the credits"

Before I begin I must inform you that Halloween 2018 is a direct sequel to The original and is ignoring the events of the previous sequels.

When Halloween was released back in 1978 it blew away audiences with an iconic theme, an iconic debut performance from Jamie Lee Curtis and a Truly ICONIC Horror Figure in Michael Myers that came from the ever creative minds of Debra Hill and the Master of Horror himself John Carpenter.

40 years later Michael Myers (who has been imprisoned within a high security mental institution) is visited by a pair of British journalists obsessed with the events of The notorious 'Babysitter Murders' of 1978 that they even have the mask Michael wore on that night. The night before Halloween 2018 Michael and some fellow lunatics are in the process of being transferred to another mental institution when the bus crashes and Michael is let loose to reign terror on the small community of Haddonfield (on Halloween Night of all nights) there he attempts to confront his sister Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) who has grown wiser and is ready for Michael's inevitable return...Even at the cost of her relationship with her estranged daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak).

As the 1st Halloween is 40 years old I can imagine a few of you out there may not have seen the original 1978 masterpiece so I've decided to write TWO parts to this review; one for those who have and one for those who have NOT. But I STRONGLY Suggest you watch the original before you see the new one. You don't need to in order to understand the plot of the new Halloween but the fact is that Halloween (1978) is considered by many (Even 40 years later) one of The Greatest Horror Movies ever made so yeah definitely watch it when you can.

For those who have seen the 1978 Halloween: This film was made for YOU...Yes YOU!...You who Loved the original, YOU who can't get enough of THAT Score from John Carpenter, YOU who recognises Jamie Lee Curtis as one of the Legends who would pave the way for other amazing "Scream Queens" like Heather Langenkamp in the 80's to Neve Campbell in the 90's, YOU who watched in terror as Michael Myers would slowly but viciously stalk his prey and left you scared out of your wits. This film was made by a team that LOVED the original and brought its 40 year enduring heart and soul into a movie that is chilling, emotional and violent as hell with another fantastic score by Carpenter himself that brings you back 40 years yet blends to todays atmosphere. So many great camera shots so keep an eye out at all times during this film. From the word go it's tension, emotion and frights that does not let up till the credits.

For those who have not seen the original: God help you because this is gonna scare the living HELL out of you! David Gordon Green and Co Writer Danny McBride, Carpenter and the entire Blumhouse Team have come together for one purpose..... To show you what happens when you bring a slasher ICON like Michael Myers and drop him in 2018. The Result.... a huge body count by a man who chills to the bone with his body movement (especially during an incredibly shot long take), the way he dispatches his victims and of course THAT Mask.

This is also about a woman dealing with serious PTSD after the horrific event that she endured 40 years ago that has torn a family apart. Jamie Lee Curtis plays this role brilliantly as she is ready to finally confront her own demons. Not just the demon that is Michael Myers but the inner demons that have caused her so much loss over the years. This is a film about 3 generations of incredible women who are ready to step up against a seemingly (Terminator-esc) unstoppable foe in Michael Myers. There's even a slight Sarah Conner nod in this film if you look closely enough too.

This is arguably The Greatest Horror Sequel ever made with a Magnificent performance from the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis, a great story that has done the franchise proud with a love letter style score by Carpenter and of course the man of the hour Michael Myers who will be remembered for yet ANOTHER 40 Years after this film. Also a lot of surprising funny moments too which I wasn't expecting at all.

Halloween 2018 is released on October 19th and I can't recommend enough that you check out this INCREDIBLE film and ESPECIALLY check out the 1978 Classic where it all began.