"takes a different approach than the original film with less suspense but with more of a comic approach"

Happy Death Day 2U is a black comedy sequel to the 2017 Happy Death Day. The original film saw the main character Theresa "Tree" Gelbman play by Jessica Rothe caught in an unexplained time loop (similar to the film Ground Hog Day), during which she is murdered repeatedly until she manages to break the time loop and identify and stop her killer. Finally stopping reliving her birthday day over and over again. The film was critically and commercially received well.

Given that a sequel arrives in the form Happy Death Day 2U with Jessica Rothe reprising her role as Theresa "Tree" Gelbman, having finally survived after multiple deaths previously. Unlike it's predecessor where the time loop was unexplained Happy Death Day 2U goes off on a tangent from the original movie in explaining the time loop and utilises this to continue the story.

The film begins one day after the events of the original film with everything seeming to have returned to 'normal', but through a chain of events we're made aware of a new time loop that now exists to which Tree is not part of, but she becomes aware of and tries to resolve the situation based on her knowledge and experiences previously.

However in doing this she becomes aware of a device called the Sisyphus Quantum Generator (named Sisy for short) created by fellow students working on their science project at Bayfield University's Science and Technology department. The device was designed to slow down time, but malfunctioned and created the original time loop of the previous day when it was activated Tree became trapped in.

As Tree and the other students realise that activating Sisy earlier again has now resulted in generating a new second time loop, they try to find a resolution, until a fracas occurs during which the device is activated again this time throwing Tree into an alternative universe and a new time loop occurs on the original day of the first film Monday 18 September. However in this universe the rules are different in terms of story and the characters...

Happy Death Day 2U takes a different approach than the original film with less suspense but with more of a comic approach. That with the addition of a multiverse plot line results in a film with incoherent and uncompleted plot lines, ignoring and overlooking logical plot holes. Unmatched in it's entertainment value and 'originality' with the first film Happy Death Day 2U earns itself two and a half stars.