"Has the same quirky charms of DreamWorks Animation's previous features"

As a self confessed lover of animated features, it's fair to say I was rather excited to see The Croods, and given the stellar voice cast that has been assembled, I was expecting a treat - and that is exactly what I was given. As the impassioned cinema goers that we are, as of late we have been getting rather spoilt with the influx of animated films that are coming our way to delight and entertain us, and The Croods is another strong feather in the cap of DreamWorks Animation.

Following the success of Rise of the Guardians and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, The Croods tells the story of the last Caveman family in the Prehistoric era as they attempt to survive the End of the World. Littered with colourful and loveable characters; most notably the Sloth named Belt that mostly just utters 'Dun Dun Dunnn' (voiced by Director Chris Sanders), The Croods is a joy to watch from start to finish, book ended with narration by Emma Stone's feisty Eep.

The voice cast is not just impressive on paper, but all add a brilliant sense of experience and talent to proceedings, headed up by the phenomenal Nicholas Cage who as well as going on this journey with his family, has a personal journey of his own too; as he must overcome his fears in order to lead his family to a better tomorrow or he'll go the way of the Dodo.

The Croods has the same quirky charms of DreamWorks Animation's previous features and shows that they truly are a force in the animation world, and one that is most certainly here to stay. Onwards and upwards.