"with its simple and quirky tone, is a refreshing movie that can spark hope in everyone who is afraid to take a leap of faith"

As far as quirky and relatable movies goes, Wild Rose takes the lead with a story about believing in your dreams at every cost. 

Set in Glasgow, the story is about Rose-Lynn, a young Scottish girl with a deep love for American Country music, she dreams of moving to Nashville to pursue her singing career. However, her life is not perfect. Coming out from prison, having to raise her two children as well as not disappoint her mother, is not precisely the perfect building ground to make her dreams come true.

However, in spite of her situation, Rose-Lynn wants this so bad and is steadfast to make her dream come true with the help of Susannah, the woman she works for as a cleaner. 

What makes Wild Rose interesting and quirky is the protagonist being extremely out of place. Rose-Lynn doesn’t fit in in Glasgow. Her style and life emulate the famous American Country stars and the only place where she belongs is the country pub downtown where she performs on stage.

The passionate way in which she talks about her love for country music and how strongly she believes in her talent and dream is contagious.

However, life is not easy. In order to get what she wants, Rose-Lynn sacrifices all the rest. Her children are the ones suffering the most, and it is precisely this aspect that makes the story relatable. More often than not everyone has to make a difficult decision in life and responsibilities sometimes can get in the way. In Wild Rose, the protagonist has to choose between her passion and taking care or her family at the expenses of her dream of moving to Nashville. However, the beauty of the movie making is that the hero can get both worlds and for Rose-Lynn that means making her family happy, her mother proud and also become a country singer.

Jessie Buckley is sensational as Rose. Her voice is marvellous and she portrays the protagonist’s determination and dreamer attitude perfectly. She is what makes this film ironic and also deeply moving, especially with the relationship with her mother and her spirit of sacrifice with her children.

Julie Walter is impeccable as Marion, Rose’s mum. Like every parent, she wants what is best for her daughter without forgetting the reality of her situation. At first she just wants her to take responsibility. But, when she sees Rose-Lynn’s happiness being taken away, she is the one who will help her find her way to pursue her dream while still putting family at the forefront. Walters embraces this role effortlessly and she brings to the screen a real and reliable performance.

Although the film is a window to life and how sometimes pursuing your hopes and dreams can be gruelling and difficult, Wild Rose, with its simple and quirky tone, is a refreshing movie that can spark hope in everyone who is afraid to take a leap of faith and fight for what they wish for.