Date of Birth : Jan 2nd 1969

American heavyweight boxer, and the former World Boxing Organization champion. Dubbed “The Duke,” he is a grandnephew of Hollywood star John Wayne, and in 1990 was co-star of the boxing movie Rocky V. Morrison’s biggest breakthrough came in 1989, when Sylvester Stallone was a spectator at one of his bouts and realized Morrison would be ideal for Rocky V. Stallone arranged for Morrison to have a script reading, and cast Morrison as Tommy Gunn in the movie. While Morrison did win two fights in 1990, it was when Rocky V was released in November of that year that he gained mainstream popularity.

In 1991, Morrison, already the recipient of much television exposure, won four fights against opponents James Quick Tillis and former world champion Pinklon Thomas. He was given an opportunity to face fellow undefeated fighter Ray Mercer, the WBO title holder in a Pay Per View card held on October 18, 1991. For four rounds, Morrison fought impressively, dominating Mercer with hard, sharply-thrown combinations. Unfortunately for Morrison, Mercer possessed one of the sturdiest chins of that era of the heavyweight division, and Morrison’s best punches had little effect. By the end of round four, Morrison, whose previous fights had primarily ended in early-round knockouts, began to visibly tire. In round five, Mercer sensed Morrison’s fatigue and opened up with some offensive punches of his own. He trapped Morrison on the ropes and landed a series of damaging unanswered blows. Morrison slowly slid down the ropes to the canvas, already unconscious as Mercer continued to punch him. The knockout is widely considered to have been most brutal.


Rocky V ( 1991 )

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